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15 years later

Posted by NikoAnesti - December 10th, 2019

I started this account literally half of my life ago and barely used it. I've been a quiet, sideline fan and supporter of Newgrounds over that time, but as I reflect on what I want to create and what inspires me, I get very nostalgic for that time, 15 years ago, when I was first starting out and everything was just for fun. I want to capture that feeling again because I think it would get my momentum moving, and I think this is the place to do it. I'm not a terribly social person, I'm very nervous and shy, but I'd like to branch out and get involved because keeping to myself is also keeping my ideas very stagnant. And I just wanna make cartoons again.

I had a number of cartoons on here from over the years, but I've hidden them all and started fresh as I do not like them, nor do I feel they are representative of what I create today. But that's just what happens. Sorry to anyone reading this who actually knows me and wants to see that stuff, but it's all still out there elsewhere if you really need that, but I don't recommend looking into it, it's not worth it. Look to the future. I hope the incoming new decade will bring some new things after a long time of being dormant.

For the time being, I am just posting some art from the past few months to fill things in, and will post certain new art as it comes, but I must admit I am intimidated, and animating is where I really want to get back to again. Thank you to those following me (here and elsewhere), your support is what's still keeping me going; I just wish I could offer more in return.


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I'm a firm believer that looking at what we've done in the past is the best way to see where we're going next; make sure we're still going the right way. ;) History's a great teacher. I wouldn't hide the old, but build upon that legacy, and keep improving and reinventing yourself with each one! Maybe in some years you'll feel confident enough to bring back these old works though? I hope so.

Curious to see what kind of new content you'll be focusing on now though; how you're looking to challenge yourself! NG's definitely the right place for it. Always mutual inspiration, creators and consumers, everyone united in that quest of enlightenment and entertainment.

Welcome back! And Congrats on the 15! The profile might not show it now but looking at those other platforms it seems you have plenty on offer already. May the next 15 be a lot more NG. :P

Wow thank you so much, I really appreciate this! Yeah I'm certainly not ignoring my history; it will always be a part of who I am and I even enjoy returning to old creations and ideas. The past is on my mind a lot, perhaps too much, so I am trying to look forward as well and find a balance. In the meantime, as I get myself going again, I chose to hide some of it at least temporarily (I know I would regret it if I deleted them entirely), and when I more confidently establish myself with new work, the legacy may resurface haha. Thanks again for the kind words and checking my stuff out!

For sure, it's easy to get stuck on things it's really better to leave behind too, balance = ultimate goal. Sounds like a good plan man. :) Feel free to send a message if you ever want a review on some of that new stuff, feed moves pretty fast so I might miss it.